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 About WordbreW: 

Kristin Pineda, a journalist, and David Pineda, a photographer, are a great team both in life and work. While travelling the world is certainly both a pleasure and a privilege, it is also our work - what we do for a living.

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Kristin Pineda, originally from Gothenburg, Sweden, is a journalist with over 10 years of freelancing experience. She has also worked as the editor of the dog magazine Härliga Hund, sat on the board of Scoop, the member magazine of the Swedish association for investigative journalism and worked with the editorial of Draken, the magazine of the Göteborg Film Festival.


David Pineda, from Sevilla, Spain, is the former official photographer for Sevilla FC. He has had several exhibitions in Sevilla, won numerous photographic competitions (Ruesga Bono, Zurich Maraton Sevilla, EMASESA Agua y Vida), and is frequently asked to produce posters for local and regional events.

Together, we are fortunate enough to call many parts of the world our home, be it Sweden, Spain, or anywhere we park our Mercedes Viano camper, which allows us to get truly close to any environment or phenomenon we are portraying. Our third family member, featured on our logo, is our dog Capote, an Andalucian Podenco who loves exploring just as much as we do.


When we travel, we try to live in every place, not just go. In Pamplona, we will run with the bulls. In northernmost Sweden, we will hike up a mountain at -30 degrees at midnight for the Aurora Borealis. In Angkor, we will bike through the monsoon to the gates of heaven.

We will hike down to the Colorado River in Grand Canyon and up to Angel's Landing in Zion National Park, and in Yellowstone - let's just say, we will carry bear spray.

We always find a way - our way. The experiences we are rewarded with, we ferment in our personal brewery of words and photos - which eventually end up as media features in a magazine. Our inspiration and greatest aim is to make you, our reader, not just to read about it, but to see, sense and feel the world, the same way we did. Our way.


That is what WordbreW is all about. 

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